1923 Dominion of Canada 25 Cents


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Dominion of Canada July 2nd 1923 25 Cent Fractional Bill

Description:   The single most common and available Dominion of Canada bank note is the 1923 25 cents fractional note. These all have red serial numbers and the bottom has a slight bronze tint. The central vignette shows Britannia holding a trident.

Varieties:   1923 25 cent fractional notes come in three main varieties based on which officials signed them. The possibilities are Geo. W. Hyndman and J.C. Saunders, S.P. McCavour and J.C. Saunders, and C.E. Campbell and W.C. Clark. The Hyndman signature sells for a 75% premium over other notes.

Quantity Printed:   7,000,000


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